1) No entry fee; cash awards. No purchase necessary.

This contest is to celebrate the anticipated release of the second book in the Casey Fremont mystery series, “Three, Four – Kill Some More.” I’m rooting for May Day.

2) I do NOT have a movie option on my mystery novel, but we can certainly play “Let’s Pretend.” In this contest, you will be a Hollywood Casting Director. Based on my first book, “One, Two – Kill a Few,” you will be in charge of casting real-life actors/actresses for various roles in the movie.

3) You are eligible as long as you are not the author (well Duh), publisher or an employee/associate of the publisher. The contest will be judged by an anonymous group of book readers and movie buffs. That group will be blind judging the entries. I will assign a number to each entry and forward it to the judges. They will select three entries for the awards: First place – $100; Second place – $50 and Third place – $25. Cash prizes will be in the form of a pre-paid credit card. Ties will be broken by a random drawing.

4) Additionally, I will select ten (10) numbers at random and award each of them an eBook of my second mystery novel, “Three, Four – Kill Some More.”

5) Format of the Emails and the six Roles to cast:

Subject: Casey Contest

Entrant’s First Name, Last Name

Entrant’s address – Street address, City, State ZIP

Entrant’s Email address

Book Characters

  •             Acacia (Casey) Fremont                 [actor name]
  •             Effie Tremayne                                 [actor name]
  •             Aaron Dante Kincaid                       [actor name]
  •             Dennis Epstein                                  [actor name]
  •             Falcon                                                  [actor name]
  •             Rebecca (Becca) Rider                      [actor name]


6) Entries: By email ONLY, addressed to: with “Casey Contest” in the Subject line. The contest will open today, April 2, 2015 and continue through the close of business on May 31, 2015 April 30, 2015 Winners will be announced no later than June 30, 2015 May 31, 2015.

7) By submitting an entry to the contest, the entrant gives the author the right to use winner’s name, city, state for publicity purposes.

8) Winners will be notified online (blog site) and by email. Pre-paid credit cards for the first three places will be sent by USPS. I will order the eBooks via Amazon as gifts.


web:― Twitter: @CaseyFremont

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