Save the past for the future

Good morning,

Many of you know I had a book signing at That Bookstore In Blytheville (TBIB). I considered it successful although John Grisham no doubt signs and sells many more. But this about the store and not about me.

While in Blytheville, I learned that the store, as a book store has existed in this location for forty years. It is housed in a building that is 100 years old. Now, that’s history.

Chris Crawley, manager/owner, has begun a That Bookstore In Blytheville Restoration Project through a “crowd funding” web site. Anyone can participate and help the project raise money. I hope Chris will retain the ambiance and charm of the old store as his restoration project moves forward. I’m sure he will.

It’s obvious the place can use “sprucing up.” If I was 100 years old, I’d need it too. I’m also sure Chris has technological upgrades in mind along with updating the interior. For those with an interest in Indie book stores like my wife Pat and I, here are a couple of web addresses.


Restoration project:

Support indie book stores. I’m heading over to the Restoration Project web site and put my money where my mouth is — and donate to the project.


web:― Twitter: @CaseyFremont


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