New news about Casey …

The third in my series of mystery novels hit the scene in January, 2017. I know I’m slow about the announcement, but you need to slog a mile in my shoes. The title is “Five, Six – Deadly Mix,” and the cover art can be seen on the right along with the other two covers.

In this book, my thirty-something lady, Casey Fremont, is again forced into the role as an amateur sleuth. She is recruited by the local police & FBI to uncover the fraud and theft culprits at a local hospital. With her helpful roommates, she dodges death once more.

Love life is a mess — as usual. A new character pops up to lend a hand catching the bad guys, and provides a segue twist for my next novel – a thriller.

This mystery novel, “Five, Six – Deadly Mix.” is available in trade paperback and eBook formats at your favorite bookseller online. I hope the audio download version will make its debut soon (as did the first two novels). For direct links, more about me or Casey, or questions go my web site at:


web:― Twitter: @CaseyFremont

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2 Responses to New news about Casey …

  1. Bob Betts says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Casey’s 3rd adventure. My wife just finished downloading it from Amazon. I’ll start reading it once she recharges her Kindle first.

    0393 Bob Betts

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