Casey Contest Winners

Casey Contest Winners Announced!

My intrepid band of judges (CCs OKC) have spoken: Nancy Gibson of Pearcy won First Place ($100); John Swinburn of Hot Springs Village won Second Place ($50) and Janis Rychlik of Hot Springs Village won Third Place ($25). I’ve contacted the HMs and offered the eBook version of either my first or second Casey Fremont mystery.

“One, Two – Kill a Few” is available now, and “Three, Four – Kill Some More” should be out within two weeks.


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Casey Contest

Hi all,

For those of you who entered my contest (below), I appreciate your efforts and your fate is in the hands of the judges — a group of ladies who enjoy reading, chocolate and wine; not necessarily in that order :-)

For those who did not enter, you missed a chance for FREE money. Tsk, tsk.

I will announce/contact the winners by the end of June, 2015.

The wisdom of Will Rogers: Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.


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I didn’t think selecting actors to fill the roles in a book being made into a movie would be such a daunting exercise. I was wrong … so I’ve made a couple of modifications to the rules (which are located in the previous post here on my blog site).

I included brief descriptions of the six characters and have extended the deadline. Contest closes on May 31, 2015 with winners announced by June 30th.

These descriptions may help you pick actors.

Acacia (Casey) Fremont is a thirty-something lady desperately working to regain her self-esteem after a disastrous eight-year marriage. Her husband left her for a teeny-bopper named Bambi. At 5′ 8″ she is an imposing figure and runs to stay fit.

Effie Tremayne is in her 20s and is from a small town in Arkansas. While she is intelligent, she is naive and not wise in the ways of the world.

Aaron Kincaid is a flight attendant; he is also black and gay. He is confident and secure in his own skin.

Falcon is dark and brooding and is appealing enough for Casey to ask him out to dinner. He carries a Sig Sauer and can handle physical attacks.

Rebecca (Becca) Rider is the receptionist at the temp agency Casey uses. Becca is a bit overweight and black. She helps Casey in solving the mysteries.

Dennis Epstein, a Detective Sergeant with the Little Rock police department. He is tall, dark and handsome and is Casey’s primary love interest.


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1) No entry fee; cash awards. No purchase necessary.

This contest is to celebrate the anticipated release of the second book in the Casey Fremont mystery series, “Three, Four – Kill Some More.” I’m rooting for May Day.

2) I do NOT have a movie option on my mystery novel, but we can certainly play “Let’s Pretend.” In this contest, you will be a Hollywood Casting Director. Based on my first book, “One, Two – Kill a Few,” you will be in charge of casting real-life actors/actresses for various roles in the movie.

3) You are eligible as long as you are not the author (well Duh), publisher or an employee/associate of the publisher. The contest will be judged by an anonymous group of book readers and movie buffs. That group will be blind judging the entries. I will assign a number to each entry and forward it to the judges. They will select three entries for the awards: First place – $100; Second place – $50 and Third place – $25. Cash prizes will be in the form of a pre-paid credit card. Ties will be broken by a random drawing.

4) Additionally, I will select ten (10) numbers at random and award each of them an eBook of my second mystery novel, “Three, Four – Kill Some More.”

5) Format of the Emails and the six Roles to cast:

Subject: Casey Contest

Entrant’s First Name, Last Name

Entrant’s address – Street address, City, State ZIP

Entrant’s Email address

Book Characters

  •             Acacia (Casey) Fremont                 [actor name]
  •             Effie Tremayne                                 [actor name]
  •             Aaron Dante Kincaid                       [actor name]
  •             Dennis Epstein                                  [actor name]
  •             Falcon                                                  [actor name]
  •             Rebecca (Becca) Rider                      [actor name]


6) Entries: By email ONLY, addressed to: with “Casey Contest” in the Subject line. The contest will open today, April 2, 2015 and continue through the close of business on May 31, 2015 April 30, 2015 Winners will be announced no later than June 30, 2015 May 31, 2015.

7) By submitting an entry to the contest, the entrant gives the author the right to use winner’s name, city, state for publicity purposes.

8) Winners will be notified online (blog site) and by email. Pre-paid credit cards for the first three places will be sent by USPS. I will order the eBooks via Amazon as gifts.


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Save the past for the future

Good morning,

Many of you know I had a book signing at That Bookstore In Blytheville (TBIB). I considered it successful although John Grisham no doubt signs and sells many more. But this about the store and not about me.

While in Blytheville, I learned that the store, as a book store has existed in this location for forty years. It is housed in a building that is 100 years old. Now, that’s history.

Chris Crawley, manager/owner, has begun a That Bookstore In Blytheville Restoration Project through a “crowd funding” web site. Anyone can participate and help the project raise money. I hope Chris will retain the ambiance and charm of the old store as his restoration project moves forward. I’m sure he will.

It’s obvious the place can use “sprucing up.” If I was 100 years old, I’d need it too. I’m also sure Chris has technological upgrades in mind along with updating the interior. For those with an interest in Indie book stores like my wife Pat and I, here are a couple of web addresses.


Restoration project:

Support indie book stores. I’m heading over to the Restoration Project web site and put my money where my mouth is — and donate to the project.


web:― Twitter: @CaseyFremont


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Music to write by?

For a long time, I used CDs of sound playing in the background when I wrote. I had six or eight of them featuring babbling brooks, surf, rain, thunderstorms, etc. They have long since passed on to that great thrift store in the sky.

I decided to give another tack a shot. I purchased movie sound tracks to download. My criteria for choosing them was: good music (to me at least), and from a movie with a strong theme of human perseverance. One is fiction while the other three represent real life.

Here they are: “Quigley Down Under” (Tom Selleck in Australia), “The Longest Day” (John Wayne et. al.), “The Great Escape” (Steve McQueen and a host of others during WW II) and “Monuments Men” (George Clooney, John Goodman and others).

Here’s a plug for that last one. I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to viewing “Monuments Men” because it covered the story of recovered art during WW II and was touted as a good movie. — but I did and only watched it recently. If you have not seen it, give yourself a treat. Bits are fictionalize to cover the story in the alloted time; recovering 5 million objects d’art. It is heart warming and heart wrenching at the same time. If you come away with dry eyes, maybe you need to watch it a second time …

A personal note about “Monuments Men.” I was struck by Clooney’s character. Not that he looks that much like my father, but with the hair color and the mustache, there was a striking resemblance to my WW II era dad who was going on forty when he was called to serve.

Is the music working for me? Only recently started writing with it as background, but this blog was completed with Quigley going in the background. Seems okay for now.

So, keep your muse close and keep writing.

Will Rogers said, “Always drink upstream from the herd.”


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Authors – prepare for your book signings

During preparation for a book signing, Chris Crawley from That Bookstore in Blytheville (TBIB) sent me links to one of the best sites for information about book signings.

The Courier News of Blytheville refers to this store as legendary. Why such a title? Long time owner (since 1973), Mary Gay Shipley supported John Grisham in his early days. Because of the support, Grisham has a soft spot for TBIB and it is one of a few, or maybe the only venue where he will sign books.

Mary Gay Shipley sold TBIB to Grant Hill in early 2013. The new management includes Chris Crawley and Yolanda Harrison. I am working closely with Crawley.

Back to the original premise. The title of the piece is: “40+ Ways to Make Your Next Book Signing an EVENT!!” and comes in four parts. It is written by Larry James. Some of the 40 ways may fall into the “oh, I knew that.” Even from that category, when was the last time I remembered to do it? Not lately. If you have a book signing coming up, do yourself a favor and visit this link:

Why did I pick TBIB? While I don’t count myself in the same class as Grisham, perhaps some of his good fortune and writing abilities will rub off on me. I do have one thing in common with John Grisham, I’ve sold a book out of the trunk of my car.

If by chance you’re are in the neighborhood, drop by That Bookstore in Blytheville at 1 p.m. on Saturday, December 13, 2014.

Enjoy writing and enjoy signing your books.


web:― Twitter: @CaseyFremont

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Protect yourself …

I’m a fiction writer, but this can apply to most of us.

In the middle of getting my first mystery (One, Two – Kill a Few) published and working with my editor on the second in the mystery series, my desktop computer came up DOA.

I have an external ( 1 tb) hard drive I use for backups. It was a pain in the tush to pull files from that external drive and use them on my 10″ screen net book. At least it kept me alive in the real world.

BACK UP YOUR FILES. It’s better than crashing and burning without a paddle.

From Will Rogers: Never miss a good chance to shut up.

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T1red of p@sswords? Y0u @reN*t @lone!

Quick personal note before I get to business. My Casey Fremont mystery novel is now available on Amazon as a paperback. Go to and search on: john achor

I have a problem resolving the time missing since my last blog. It was a year-plus of weird odds and ends. Just don’t ask me, “how are you?” Because neither us has that much time to waste on getting caught up.

Suffice it to say, I am doing my best to come out of hibernation and get back to all my old pursuits; readin’, writin’, ‘rithmatic and all that jazz.

Long memory: I can remember the day I had only a couple of passwords and could keep them in my head. Ah, days long gone. Today I have somewhere north of 150, and I defy anyone to remember that many. Unless you use “password” for all of them. ― a dumb thing to do ― I need help. The title above is an article headline from a local paper that gave me a chuckle.

My suggestion: use a password software program to track and protect them. I’m using RoboForm ( There are free versions on the market, however I prefer what I hope is a more robust program in their payware version ($9.95/year). I also use online sites to create passwords. Here are the links to two of them; both free:    and

This is a password generated by one of them: e296hu.<Ci37

Using 12 letters, numbers, upper/lower case and symbols ― remember the longer the password, the more protection. I then log the password into RoboForm.

            I used Gibson Research Corp. site ( to check the strength of that password, and here are the results: 1.74 centuries – chop the last four from the password (leaving it 8 characters long) and the time to crack drops to about 5 seconds. Wow!

            123456 and abcdef are not strong passwords. Do yourself a favor and create strong passwords to protect your computer and the work you slaved to create.

From Will Rogers: Never kick a cow chip on a hot day. 


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A holiday gift from me to you … free, enjoy.

Let’s put the New Year’s resolutions to rest. Here is a list of my resolutions:


That’s all folks …

– Easy Transfer – PC to Kindle

First, why would I want to transfer Word files or other documents from my desktop to my Kindle? As a mystery writer, I like to use “down time” as an opportunity to work on my current project.

I often find time while I’m out and about to add a few lines of the novel I’m currently working on. I find it handy to have the novel outline, dramatis personae, etc. to work from. Even an entire novel will only use about one thousand kilobytes of hard drive space.

I just finished reading an “ultimate” guide to the Kindle Fire and they describe the difficult way; write a short email to yourself and address it to your Kindle account email. Let’s see, what is my Kindle address? After a long search, I find it’s: ― yeah, that should have been on the tip of my tongue.* The next step is to attach the desired document to this email and send it along. Too many steps. Now, here are the details of a new and better way to accomplish this task.

This new method will pare transfer time to nothing. This hint came from a Kindle user group presented by our local computer club. First step, find a Kindle app (application) that will do the “Send to Kindle” job. You can search the web for it or use this URL:

There are four options here; I’ll describe the PC option, however there is one for the Mac.

Download and follow screen prompts to install this app to your desktop PC. Now you can use the easy way to send many types of files to your Kindle.

Locate the document(s) you want on your PC by navigating to the proper location using Windows Explorer and left click to select. If a second one is in the same folder, you can choose several by left clicking on the first one, then CONTROL + (Left Click) on the next one you need; repeat as necessary to get all the docs you want. When they are selected, RIGHT click on any of the highlighted file names and from the pop-up menu, and click on the “Send to Kindle” choice.

If you own more than one Kindle, the app presents a list of your devices and you can tick (check) any or all of the boxes shown. If you have the Amazon Kindle app on your Android smart phone, it will appear in this list as well.

The process takes only a few seconds and a notice appears saying the document should show up on your Kindle in a few minutes. Most of the time, it’s on my Kindle before I can get to that device in the next room.

This app is quite versatile. Rather than a document, you may want to send a picture/image (JPG or BMP), a text file (TXT), a Portable Document Format (PDF), or a music file (MP3) – all of these work. It will not, at the time of this writing, work with movies (MOV and WMV), spreadsheets (XLS) or Power Point presentations (PPT).

No guarantees but the list above should give you a way to go. I’ve checked it on the desktop transferring to: Kindle 2, the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD. So far, so good.

Save yourself some time and go for the “Send to Kindle” app. See what other uses you can come up with and email me with your discoveries.

* Don’t try the sample address, it does not exist.

Happy Holidays …


John web:― Twitter: @CaseyFremont

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