I didn’t think selecting actors to fill the roles in a book being made into a movie would be such a daunting exercise. I was wrong … so I’ve made a couple of modifications to the rules (which are located in the previous post here on my blog site).

I included brief descriptions of the six characters and have extended the deadline. Contest closes on May 31, 2015 with winners announced by June 30th.

These descriptions may help you pick actors.

Acacia (Casey) Fremont is a thirty-something lady desperately working to regain her self-esteem after a disastrous eight-year marriage. Her husband left her for a teeny-bopper named Bambi. At 5′ 8″ she is an imposing figure and runs to stay fit.

Effie Tremayne is in her 20s and is from a small town in Arkansas. While she is intelligent, she is naive and not wise in the ways of the world.

Aaron Kincaid is a flight attendant; he is also black and gay. He is confident and secure in his own skin.

Falcon is dark and brooding and is appealing enough for Casey to ask him out to dinner. He carries a Sig Sauer and can handle physical attacks.

Rebecca (Becca) Rider is the receptionist at the temp agency Casey uses. Becca is a bit overweight and black. She helps Casey in solving the mysteries.

Dennis Epstein, a Detective Sergeant with the Little Rock police department. He is tall, dark and handsome and is Casey’s primary love interest.


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