Wandering through the wilderness – eBooks on your own

So far, I’ve only published my mystery in a Kindle (Amazon) format. I plan to check out Nook (Barnes & Noble) shortly.

The KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) web pages are excellent and leave little in doubt. If you are using Microsoft Word, there is a link to another page that leads you through the steps you need. These steps include creating a Table of Contents (TOC). It works, but after I published the book, I decided a TOC for a mystery novel is superfluous. I plan to modify the book without a TOC.

You will need a few bookmarked spots in your book. “Cover” and “start” (and others) are listed in the KDP instructions.To make changes to a Kindle published document is as simple as recreating (re-editing) the book and republishing it to the web.

Back to Word files. When you have your book/document completely edited and ready to go; save it as a Web Page, Filtered (HTML, HTM). I have no idea what a “filtered” document is, but it works so follow their instructions.

You need a new program; MobiCreator which is a free download. Google the name to locate it on the web. Run that saved file through MobiCreator where it is converted to the format required by the Kindle. Now you can log onto Kindle on Amazon and use (or create) your account. Follow the steps and soon your book is up on the web – after about 24 hours for Amazon of verify the content you submitted.

It’s fun to see your name in print, so go for it.

Cheers, John
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Kindle mystery eBook (Amazon) – One, Two – Kill a Few

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