A holiday gift from me to you … free, enjoy.

Let’s put the New Year’s resolutions to rest. Here is a list of my resolutions:


That’s all folks …

– Easy Transfer – PC to Kindle

First, why would I want to transfer Word files or other documents from my desktop to my Kindle? As a mystery writer, I like to use “down time” as an opportunity to work on my current project.

I often find time while I’m out and about to add a few lines of the novel I’m currently working on. I find it handy to have the novel outline, dramatis personae, etc. to work from. Even an entire novel will only use about one thousand kilobytes of hard drive space.

I just finished reading an “ultimate” guide to the Kindle Fire and they describe the difficult way; write a short email to yourself and address it to your Kindle account email. Let’s see, what is my Kindle address? After a long search, I find it’s: brackafrats83467@gmail.com ― yeah, that should have been on the tip of my tongue.* The next step is to attach the desired document to this email and send it along. Too many steps. Now, here are the details of a new and better way to accomplish this task.

This new method will pare transfer time to nothing. This hint came from a Kindle user group presented by our local computer club. First step, find a Kindle app (application) that will do the “Send to Kindle” job. You can search the web for it or use this URL:


There are four options here; I’ll describe the PC option, however there is one for the Mac.

Download and follow screen prompts to install this app to your desktop PC. Now you can use the easy way to send many types of files to your Kindle.

Locate the document(s) you want on your PC by navigating to the proper location using Windows Explorer and left click to select. If a second one is in the same folder, you can choose several by left clicking on the first one, then CONTROL + (Left Click) on the next one you need; repeat as necessary to get all the docs you want. When they are selected, RIGHT click on any of the highlighted file names and from the pop-up menu, and click on the “Send to Kindle” choice.

If you own more than one Kindle, the app presents a list of your devices and you can tick (check) any or all of the boxes shown. If you have the Amazon Kindle app on your Android smart phone, it will appear in this list as well.

The process takes only a few seconds and a notice appears saying the document should show up on your Kindle in a few minutes. Most of the time, it’s on my Kindle before I can get to that device in the next room.

This app is quite versatile. Rather than a document, you may want to send a picture/image (JPG or BMP), a text file (TXT), a Portable Document Format (PDF), or a music file (MP3) – all of these work. It will not, at the time of this writing, work with movies (MOV and WMV), spreadsheets (XLS) or Power Point presentations (PPT).

No guarantees but the list above should give you a way to go. I’ve checked it on the desktop transferring to: Kindle 2, the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD. So far, so good.

Save yourself some time and go for the “Send to Kindle” app. See what other uses you can come up with and email me with your discoveries.

* Don’t try the sample address, it does not exist.

Happy Holidays …


John web: johnachor.comfacebook.com/jachor1LinkedIn.com― Twitter: @CaseyFremont

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