Pay attention – to your body

This blog site is dedicated to matters relating to writing; however I’ll ask your forbearance if I stray a bit.

I was taking a class at our local community college ― Expression Web (software for developing web sites). The class met once a week in the evening.

On the third night, near the end of the class, I got a peculiar and slightly nauseating sensation in my chest. After class I began my twelve to fifteen mile drive back home, the majority of which in over nearly deserted areas of two-lane country roads.

I reached the entrance to our gated community. The sensation was still there and becoming more pronounced. I made it through the gate and into a small parking area. I entered the guard shack and told them I needed a place to sit down and take a nitroglycerin tablet.

Condensed version: guard called 9-1-1, EMTs arrived and took me to the hospital. Next day, angiogram confirmed blockages in arteries to the heart that were not treatable with stents.

The following day, I underwent double-bypass open heart surgery. One repair was to the Left, Anterior, Descending Artery (sometimes called the Widow Maker).

Moral: pay attention to your body. I did, I stopped at the first reasonable public spot. Recovery is going well and cardiac-rehab should start in a week or so.

My writing has suffered during the convalescence to the point I can hear my lady in Little Rock, protagonist Casey Fremont, whispering in my ear, telling me to get back to work on the current mystery novel. She said, “I want to find out how it ends.

I said, “Me, too.”

Cheers, John
web:― Twitter: @CaseyFremont

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1 Response to Pay attention – to your body

  1. Bob Betts says:

    Brilliant move, John. Tell Casey she’ll just have to wait.

    0393 Bob

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