If you are a Twitter aficionado, you may want to skip this one …

I’m not against technology. I have no problems with social networks – up to a point. I work over and wordsmith even my emails. I do my best to make them clear and coherent – to be sure they actually say what I meant to say. In many cases, that approach is missing on those outlets. I’m also careful not to hit the “Reply All” button unless I want the entire world to see my words.

I fear that most, if not all, internet communication is becoming too informal. They abound with emoticons, abbreviations, little if any punctuation or capitalization; these slow my reading even more than the extra words would.

I hope you saw the (U.S.) Civil War series by Ken Burns on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) network. Interspersed with the scenes, a narrator read actual letters from soldiers to family and other loved ones. I found the depth of the prose moving and eloquent. When was the last time you, or any of us, wrote a real snail mail letter?

I heard recently that schools were considering cursive writing as unnecessary and were going to drop it from their curriculum. How will that help? I read an article that there is a direct link from the brain, through the arm, and to the pencil when writing.  That connection is missing as it travels from the brain to the fingers on a computer keyboard.

I still do most of my writing on a computer, but when I handwrite pages I see what the author meant.

I have a Twitter account; my count is 0-0-0 and it may stay that way. Anyway, if I write a tweet on Twitter, do I become a twit?

Cheers, John
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